Dominus’s Hotels Achieve International Sustainability Accreditation Paving the Way to a Net Zero Portfolio Mayors Fund for London – Firm Foundations Event Panel Discussion: Putting the ‘S’ in ESG – Social Value as a practice, and building inclusive economies through development The Social Impact of Gaia’s Garden Dominvs group is a Founding Partner of the Mayor’s Fund for London, ‘Firm Foundations’ campaign Phil Coy Swete Brethe Four new local artists join Home(Less) made social enterprise at Barons Court New community garden celebrates sustainability in the City of London this summer Dominvs group acquires leading impact consultancy SeerBridge Dominvs group in action pledges support to Carepack UK this winter Dominus Real Estate Real Estate in Action participates in enterprise competition with Enactus UK & Crowns national champion! Dominus Real Estate Real Estate in Action supports student entrepreneur competition