Our vision.

To invest in a better society where everyone’s welcome.

Our vision is the highest level of ambition we can imagine for our business and our brand. It positions us in terms of the contribution we want to make and summarises our desired societal impact. It is forward-looking and highly aspirational – describing the long-term effect of the difference we make every day.

A big part of how we have become one of the fastest-growing real estate platforms in the UK is about keeping our capabilities in-house. We have our own investment, development, planning, social value, finance, and legal teams, all made up of handpicked industry experts who share our vision.

What’s more, our business is still very much family-run, spanning two generations of the Ahluwalia family. This brings with it an entrepreneurial spirit, a confidence to move forward, invest early and take opportunities that other developers pass on. We instil this go-getting attitude in our team, giving them license to experiment, to explore, to pursue new ideas and strategies. Because progress and innovation never came from playing it safe.

Our places and spaces are a testament to this. From industry-leading hotels and student accommodation to award-winning residential properties, regeneration projects and mixed-use schemes, our ever-growing portfolio is an embodiment of the values we live and work by.

Dominus Real Estate
Dominus Real Estate
Dominus Real Estate

Our mission.

We invest in design and create the future of the urban environment, harnessing the partnerships that underpin the UK.

Our mission describes why we exist – and the difference we want to make in the here and now. It helps us to communicate what drives us and gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s not a lofty set of ambitions for the long term. Instead, it’s practical and can-do:
a powerful, real-world statement of action. 

In July 2021, we furthered our commitment to the wellbeing of the communities and environments by appointing SeerBridge founder Wesley Ankrah, as our Director of Social Value and Community Investment. This means we have a director dedicated to promoting the interests of local communities and public bodies at each of our developments.

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