13-15 The Green


A new neighbourhood for Southall.


Dominus Real Estate

Located in Southall in west London, this new residential development comprises 96 properties, 35% of which are affordable, ensuring the homes cater to young families and first-time buyers.

Working alongside Formation Architects, we plan to demolish the existing disused two-storey building on the site, replacing it with a new 23-storey building to serve Southall’s growing commuter population. We’re also planning widespread improvements the public realm, from incorporating new trees, shrubbery and planting around the site, to widening the existing pavements, which will improve accessibility and open up the views across The Green.

What’s more, the development’s family appeal is furthered by our plans to incorporate play spaces on the 1st and 14th floors, as well as the inclusion of a flexible ground floor space for community events and local business fairs.

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Dominus Real Estate

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